Commemorative Coins

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Challenge coin size:Special shaped coins are measured by the longest dimension.

Will the coin be round:

Metal finishes:

Soft Enamel Paint Colors:

Hard enamel and soft enamel paint colors can NOT be mixed.

Hard Enamel Paint Colors:

Front extra colors over 8:

Back extra colors over 8:


High Relief 3D sculpted metal (profile or bust, buildings, vehicles, etc.):

Special features
(for shiny metals only)
(Holes in a coin. ie Dog Tag Shape coins, Keychains, etc. - How many?)
Key chain

Numbering (can be done on any flat, non-painted surface)
Laser engraving (used for initials or names on the face of the coin)
Edge text laser engraving
(used for initials or names on the edge of the coin)

challenge coin edge text - third side edge text

Special plating
Two tone plating
(for shiny metals)
Gold on Silver, Silver on Gold, Black Nickel on Gold, Black Nickel on Silver, etc...


he edges listed below can only be created on round coins

Reeded Edge, or a Diamond Cut Edge: Flat, Twist, Weave

Special Paint
Glow paint (How many colors:)
Heat changing paint
Transparent paint
(How many colors:)
Silk screened color
(Requires Epoxy | How many colors:)
Photographic printing
(Require Epoxy | How many sides:)
Pearlescent paint
(How many colors:)

Custom Coin Presentation options
Velveteen box for each coin (Minimum order: 25 pieces)
Plastic capsule for each coin (Minimum order: 25 pieces)
Coin Sleevefor each coin, free with 1.56", 1.75" & 2 inch coins

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